The Future of Work | Kelly Services

The Future of Work | Kelly Services

In today’s rapidly changing market, organizations and
workforce experts alike are trying to determine what the
future of work will look like. However, most professionals
involved in the process operate from the perspective of their
individual scope of responsibility, which often leads to siloed
perspectives that may solve one aspect of the challenge—yet
create another problem. Based on conversations across the
market and our in-depth research, KellyOCG® has determined
that there are four dimensions organizations need to consider
when contemplating the “future of work”: the workforce, the
workplace, technology, and social norms. By taking these
four dimensions into account, organizations can better gain a
comprehensive overview of the range of models they may want
to utilize to engage and execute within their workforce plan.
Further, they can assess which combination of engagement
models will drive the business outcomes they want to achieve.

John Healy, vice president and managing director of Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group

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