How to Manage What You Cannot See

How to Manage What You Cannot See

Talent Economy – Michelle Labbe – Show Notes

If you can’t see them, how can you trust them?

The traditional model of work has always focused on herding employees to sit in specific seats by a specific time, for a specific amount of time. Now, as many companies begin transitioning to a more flexible – or even fully remote – model, a new question arises: how can I trust that they’ll get the work done?

As Michelle Labbe states in this podcast, people are more productive working at home than in an office.

Michelle Labbe has worked in HR for over 25 years; recently, she decided to transition to a fully-remote HR position at Toptal as the VP of People. Now, she has experienced the freedom to work wherever her heart desires, with her dog at her feet, and connect with her coworkers on new levels.  

Throughout our conversation, Michelle shares her insights into why remote work is the solution to the future of work. She also discusses the roles that both trust and culture play in hiring the right people, trusting that they’ll get the work done, and communicate along the way. The fact is, when working in a fully distributed model, you’re just a Slack and a Zoom away from an expert opinion.

Get ready to learn about how companies have transitioned to a fully distributed workforce, and what steps your company can take as well.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Why did you decide to transition to remote work? (2:29)
  • How is trust built in a remote culture? (8:18)
  • How do you know when a remote worker isn’t working out? (22:31)
  • How are coaching and employee development different in a fully distributed model compared to traditional models? (25:12)
  • How can a company transition to a fully distributed model? (27:18)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why Michelle feels more connected to her remote coworkers than she ever did in an office. (5:21)
  • How communication tools are used to build trust between remote workers and those they work for. (17:12)
  • What core company values Toptal seeks in its independent workers. (19:28)
  • What signs to look out for to identify a struggling employee. (23:01)
  • What the biggest challenge to allowing employees to work from home is. (27:31)

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