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Taso Du Val
Taso Du Val Chief Executive Officer
Corinne Ripoche
Corinne Ripoche Chief Executive Officer
Barry Asin
Barry Asin Company President
KimArie Yowell
KimArie Yowell VP of Talent at Quicken Loans
John Healy
John Healy Managing Director
David Nuff
David Nuff Independent design director
Erik Stettler
Erik Stettler Chief Economist
Cara Bedford
Cara Bedford Chief Executive Officer
Jillian Slyfied
Jillian Slyfied Chief Innovation Officer
Barry O'Reilly
Barry O'Reilly Chief Incubation Officer
Gina Hadley
Gina Hadley Co-founder
David Francis
David Francis Researcher
Dyan Finkhousen
Dyan Finkhousen Chief Executive Officer
Keith Keating
Keith Keating Chief Learning and Talent Officer
Tim Salau
Tim Salau Co-founder
Kerry Brown
Kerry Brown Vice President of Workforce Adoption
Gretta Corporaal
Gretta Corporaal Sociologist of Work
Iwo Szapar
Iwo Szapar Chief Executive Officer
Brian Hoffmeyer
Brian Hoffmeyer Senior VP of Market Strategies at Beeline
John Winsor
John Winsor CEO of Open Assembly
Jordan DeVos
Jordan DeVos Correspondent for
Jonathan Wright
Jonathan Wright Medical Director
Ed Pederson
Ed Pederson VP of Product Development
Mathilde Fouqué
Mathilde Fouqué Senior Program Manager of Performance Management
Ashish Kaushal
Ashish Kaushal Chief Executive Officer
Chris Dyer
Chris Dyer Chief Executive Officer
John Wang
John Wang Partner in the Strategy and Technology Group
Jonny Dunning
Jonny Dunning Chief Executive Officer
Karen Thrasher
Karen Thrasher Talent Acquisition Manager
Ken Lazarus
Ken Lazarus Chief Executive Officer
Shelly Palmer
Shelly Palmer Chief Executive Officer
Brian Wallins
Brian Wallins Research Manager

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