Statement of Purpose

The Future of Staffing Is Now

We are entering the age of the talent economy. Record employment levels confront companies with the largest skills gap in a generation—at the beginning of 2019, nearly 7 million US jobs went unfilled. At the same time, technology makes it possible to work from anywhere, and the world’s best talent expect this flexibility as a rule. The talent economy requires change in every function and at every level of every company.

Toptal created to ignite conversation and provide leadership for this dynamic new future. Through provocative thought leadership and expert-based content, unites fresh insights and expertise, creating transparency and raising the bar for the industry.

Our work is driven by these principles:

Talent is everywhere

Remote work isn’t a fad, it’s an unprecedented opportunity. “On demand” means a conduit to the very best talent, no matter where their internet connection is. Geography no longer has a say in where you find your next expert or big idea. Through expert-based content, will guide organizations to create, manage, and scale on-demand programs.

Technology drives the future

Technology powers the talent economy, connecting businesses with the world’s best talent and enabling collaboration and innovation. Staying ahead of trends and developments is a powerful competitive advantage. finds the signal in the noise, providing critical insights so businesses can capitalize on what comes next.

Transparency is responsibility

Our content comes directly from the source: experts in their respective fields. Confronting obstacles head-first is the only way to learn, grow as an industry, and remain competitive. We tell it how it is, and we provide a platform for industry leaders and experts to do the same.

Change is opportunity

Change is constant, not debilitating. We believe in empowering organizations to leverage industry changes to their advantage and to educate and inspire leaders to embrace these changes and convert them into innovative strategies.

Knowledge is power

Information on the future of staffing is scattered, and hunting for it is a time-suck. creates a one-stop outlet for curiosity and learning, a hub for bold and comprehensive content: thought leadership articles, a twice-monthly podcast, powerful resources for the industry, and authoritative research from around the world. We want companies to focus on driving change, not searching the web.