Remote Connections - Insights from a 1st Grade Teacher

Remote Connections - Insights from a 1st Grade Teacher

Talent Economy Podcast - Show Notes

Much of the news these past few weeks has been centered around businesses and their transition to remote work environments. Education is another field that, within a matter of days, was also forced into a remote structure.

In this episode, I’m joined by Mark Kalal. Mark teaches first grade at an independent school and shares his experience with how he, and his school, prepared to transform their curriculum and student engagement into a distance learning environment. He also sheds light on the impact that current events are having on students in schools, and environments, with limited resources.

Remote engagement isn’t just limited to students. A silver lining has been that the flexibility of teleconferencing has allowed for a more personable, engaging, and participatory experience during parent-teaching conferences - an option that, once on-site learning resumes, Mark will continue to offer.

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