The Ebbs and Flows of Virtual Learning

The Ebbs and Flows of Virtual Learning

With suddenly remote educational institutions being in the spotlight recently, why has employee learning and development (L&D) gone under the radar? Many companies offer L&D resources to their teams—it’s among the top benefits discussed during the interview process. With the sudden shift to remote working, Paul welcomes Keith Keating for a conversation about how L&D has been impacted during this time and how L&D leaders are faring.

Keith is a learning and development professional, a self-proclaimed problem solver, and a workforce futurist. He works for a Fortune 500 company based in Detroit, Michigan. He opens up candidly about his personal experience with this remote work shift and how he’s managed to tap into the beauty of this time.

Paul and Keith discuss the shock this has had on the L&D industry, forcing a 10+ year virtual learning roadmap into effect overnight. Most importantly, Keith speaks to the importance of mental health and how essential it is that CEOs make the necessary changes to support their teams, evolving into what he calls “Chief Empathy Officers.”

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