We Only Have One Life: A Look at Talent Platforms

Thomas Jajeh CEO and founder of twago, Europe’s leading freelance marketplace and talent pool management system.

Talent Economy with Thomas Jajeh: Show Notes

Why are we selling our bodies to the companies we work for?

We only have one life – there’s a better way to spend it than sitting in an office for 10 hours a day. Remote work provides more flexibility as well as opportunities to earn more money and spend more time with loved ones. That’s exactly what Thomas Jajeh evangelizes every day.

In this episode, I talk with Thomas Jajeh, the CEO of twago, about how massive online talent platforms are changing the way the world works. Thomas himself created the leading platform for talent in Europe, which stands at the forefront of the modern workplace, encouraging individual freelance experts and companies to collaborate on projects together.

In our conversation, we discuss how these freelance platforms have advanced over time, how they will continue to evolve, and why companies need to jump on board to remain sustainable.

Get ready to learn about how freelance marketplaces are taking the world by storm.

Some questions I ask:

  • How have your travels shaped what you’re doing today?
  • What did you learn from growing up with an entrepreneurial father?
  • What’s twago’s mission?
  • How are attitudes on remote work shifting?
  • How can we educate hiring managers to change the way they work?
  • What does collaboration with talent platforms look like?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Thomas decided to take the leap into the talent economy.
  • How freelance platforms have evolved over time.
  • Why hiring freelancers is the only sustainable option for companies today.
  • What barriers clients and freelancers face within talent platforms.
  • The differences between “freelance” and “staffing.”
  • What the next five years of the talent economy will look like.

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Companies today face a global war for talent. Highly skilled on-demand talent demand flexibility around the way they work and live. This future of work podcast brings together thought leaders, staffing experts, and top freelancers to talk about the evolving nature of work, the future of freelancers, and how companies can navigate these changes to remain competitive, drive innovation, and ensure success.

Thomas Jajeh CEO and founder of twago, Europe’s leading freelance marketplace and talent pool management system.