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Companies today face a global war for talent, and highly skilled talent demand flexibility around the way they work and live. This podcast brings together thought leaders, staffing experts, and top freelancers to talk about the evolving nature of work and how companies can navigate these changes and ensure success.

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How a Family Is Adapting to Change

In this episode, I’m joined by Kyle Hutchinson, his wife Jen, and their family. During the first part of the conversation, Kyle and I do a bit of a temperature check on his remote work experience. When we spoke, Kyle, who works at an eCommerce company in Seattle, was six days into his remote work experience. We discuss some of the initial pain points, what he’s doing to settle into his new normal, what he misses most about being in the office, and what’s intriguing him the most about this trans

When Reality Forces Necessity – Uncovering the Challenges of Remote Working

In this episode, we’re joined by Jen Kalal, senior program manager at Amazon. Jen works in recruiting and manages the team’s capacity, figuring out how many new hires are needed, where they’re going to be hired, and how many recruiters are required to help achieve the goal. One of the most challenging areas right now is human capital, and Jen provides insight into some of the adjustments that had to be made when Amazon gave the directive for remote work. Jen and I also discuss her biggest chal

The Future of Work Is Experiences, Not Jobs

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Corinne Ripoche, president of Pontoon Solutions. A division of The Adecco Group, Pontoon is a global HR outsourcing company that drives the acquisition of permanent talent and manages contingent and project workforce on behalf of organizations in more than 100 countries. Corinne joined Pontoon in 2017, after almost 15 years at The Adecco Group. A staffing industry leader and visionary, Corinne repositioned it from a regionally managed operation to a globa

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